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Emotion Coaching



What is Emotion Coaching?

Emotion Coaching is an evidence-based approach aimed at helping children and young people to become more aware of their emotions and more able to manage these feelings effectively.  

Emotion Coaching promotes a calm and supportive whole school environment by fostering positive relationships between staff and pupils.

Emotion Coaching provides school staff with the knowledge and skills to approach challenging situations with confidence, whilst being sensitive to the needs of the pupil and the school community.

Through a consistent and supportive response from school staff, pupils’ ability to regulate, improve and take ownership of their behaviour is enhanced.  Emotion Coaching enables pupils to better understand their emotions, and provides them with the tools necessary to self-regulate.   

What does the Emotion Coaching training package involve?

At Psychology 360, Emotion Coaching is a 1 day training package delivered by educational psychologists.  This package is primarily aimed at adults working with children and young people who present with challenging behaviours, anxiety and/or difficulties regulating their emotions.   

The training covers the theory and evidence-base underpinning the Emotion Coaching approach, and provides practical opportunities for attendees to apply Emotion Coaching principles to their own contexts.

Upcoming Emotion Coaching Training

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