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At Psychology 360, we employ collaborative models of working to support schools and educational settings in effecting positive change for children and young people.  Our 360 model takes a holistic and systems approach, enabling us to work with you in applying psychology to understand problem situations.

Over the coming year, Psychology 360 will focus on building schools’ capacity through staff training. 

          Emotional Literacy Support Assistants


ELSAs are teaching assistants trained by educational psychologists to provide emotional and social skills support to children and young people in their schools.  ELSAs are supported by regular supervision with educational psychologists. 

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             Training, Research and Practice

Direct INstruction and precision teaching

Direct Instruction and Precision Teaching are evidence-based approaches designed to accelerate learning and support pupils who are struggling to gain prerequisite skills in reading, spelling and numeracy.  

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             Bringing together positive change

Emotion Coaching

School staff are trained in the Emotion Coaching approach which aims to promote a calm and supportive whole school environment by fostering positive adult-pupil relationships and enabling children and young people to manage their feelings more effectively. 

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